Assistant Desislava Rosenova Stefanova

                                  Full Name:

Desislava Rosenova Stefanova

Education and specialty:

Higher Education, Agronomy (Plant Protection)

Scientific degrees and academic positions:


Scientific specialty and scientific field:


Plant protection

Knowledge of foreign languages

(In a six-point system):

English - 4

Opportunities for working with modern information technologies:

Working with Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet; Microscope.                               

Long-term specializations and scientific experience abroad (from date to date, institution, country):


Participations  to scientific projects

One participations to scientific projects

General occupational and general scientific experience (Institution, Position, Term -  from month to year to month.):

General scientific experience – Fruit Growing Institute, assistant     from 03. 2017  to – until

General scientific experience:

Flora 62 EOOD - Seller of plant protection products - 09. 2016 – 11.2016

Bojidara Biofrukt EOOD- Agronomist, fruit growing – 02 .2014 – 08. 2016

Vitrema OOD - Agronomist, fruit growing 08. 2013 – 02. 2014

Аgriculture farmer Asen Bagashev - Agronomist, fruit growing 11. 2010 – 05. 2013